The Super Koopaling Channel
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Producer(s) Koopompany (Ghostracer, Marx422, Fandro)
Type Cartoon series, Anime
Genre(s) Comedy, Action
First Air Date(s)
December 27, 2017
Country of Origin U.S.A
Original Language American English
Season(s) Currently 1
Episodes Currently 9
Runtime 45 min. (each two episodes)
Status Active

The Super Koopaling Channel is a 2017 animated cartoon series, and also has something as an anime. The main story is about the Koopalings' crazy adventures while trying to stop the evil CrashDroider.


  • Koopalings : Bowser's children. In total he has 32 (28 if Baby Bowser, Spike and Boom Boom & Pom Pom are not counted). They are the main characters of the series and are often victim from CrashDroider's actions.
  • King Bowser Koopa : The father of the Koopalings. He always breaks a hole in the wall of CrashDroider's base when he has the Koopalings held hostage.
  • CrashDroider : The main antagonist of the show. He's a Viper Prope Droid.
  • Cackletta and Bowletta : The step-mothers of the Koopalings (it's surprisingly they have two). They aid Bowser into coddling and indulgence the Koopalings and defending them against CrashDroider.
  • Dark Bowser : Bowser's dark, hard-grained, cold-blooded first cousin who hates Harley, Boom Boom, Morton Jr. and Roy, and always tries to liquidate them. He's the semi-antagonist of the series. He's a agent of CrashDroider, next to him only the latter knows.
  • Morton Sr. The father of King Koopa (thus the grandpa of the Koopalings). His role is very small and he only makes cameos, except in one episode, where he's possessed by the spirit of deceased Dark Bowser (he was murdered by Lavora and Dragonia).
  • Fawful : The master of Dark Bowser. Later, after Dark Bowser's death by Dragonia, fallen Dark Bowser's spirit goes up to heaven as an angel, but Fawful quickly uses the Vacuum Helmet to save his life (but not before saying he doesn't believe in religion), reviving Dark Bowser as the powerful Black-TY³. Later Fawful was killed himself by Dolly and resurrected as the Dark Star Core.
  • Koopa Troop
  • Were-Goomba
  • E. Gadd
  • Luigi
  • Dr. Shroob
  • Football hooligans


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