Koopalings Universe, is a 3D Mario game made by Griffin and Fandro and will be released in 2017 for Wii U.  It is the spirital successor to Koopalings: Chaotic Adventure, a game for the 3DS.

Story Edit


King Nabbit was originally an ordinary Nabbit before he took control.  He was a major henchman of Bowser and protected the castle from harm, although he did not do well at it.  Then when Bowser was sleeping on the job, King Nabbit took possession of the Stone of Power and used it to make himself a scepter.  He blasted everyone out of the castle and those that remained were forced to remodel the castle into his own liking.  The Koopalings, startled and angry at this new threat, settled out to save Dark Land once again from a dangerous peril.  But as they started to, Cosmic Mario came along and captured everyone save for Larry, Iggy, and Wendy.  The un-kidnapped Koopalings gave chase to Cosmic Mario, but little did they know that all of Bowser's other minions, save for a lone Boom-Boom and Koopa Kid, have been permanently hypnotized by King Nabbit to do all of his bidding, including destroying the Koopalings...

Chapter One: Lost in the RainforestEdit

Larry, Iggy, and Wendy got tired while chasing Cosmic Mario, and they fail to get him at all.  Larry noticed a group of monty moles, and tried to pet one to let him know that they are Bowser's "children".  But the monty moles attacked and nearly drove Larry off of a cliff, but then Iggy beat all of them with his insanity.  The trio runs away from the next batches of monty moles that run after them.

After a fight with a confused Boom Boom, Wendy notices a castle at the other side of the forest.  Larry looks into the distance and agrees that a castle is nearby.  The trio slides down a rocky slope and they proceed to move on when General Scotch appears, at the moment having "?" as his name.  He warns the Koopalings what will happen to them and attempts to attack them, trying to get them out from continuing their quest.  But they jump away from his blade and Iggy stomps him down.  "?" disappears, and the Koopalings move on.

They reach the castle after such commotion and they go through the rather simply made castle.  They find and fight King Monty to access Cheep Harbor.  After a victory, the trio race into the harbor.  But Cosmic Mario appears yet again and attempts to kidnap Larry.  But Iggy and Wendy manage to break the spirit's grasp on Larry, and the shadow disappears into the light.  The trio begin to run through the harbor.

Chapter Two: Menacing Cheep-CheepsEdit

The trio continue their journey in Cheep Harbor.  They eventually find a wall that would lead to Cheepskipper if they break it.  Taking the area as "Cheap Harbor", Larry tries to break through the wall, but causes nothing but a crack in his shell, and says that "Cheap Harbor" is kind of misleading.  When they attempt to climb it, electrical wiring prevents them from going over it.  They decide to find another way around the wall, and they go down the docks to see what they could do.

After meeting and finding a confused Reznor, Wendy notes Lemmy on a nearby airship with Pom Pom on it.  Reznor is picked up by the airship and Iggy attempts to climb it, but falls off due to soapy hands.  The airship flies away and the Koopalings prepare to go through the stormy parts of the harbor, that is, after Iggy is picked up out of the water.

They eventually make it to the airship but they all fail to climb the airship due to humorous arguments on who goes first, and the airship flies off without them, but the anchor gets stuck in Cheepskipper's Tank.  The trio enter the tank and battle Cheepskipper at the end, then they manage to climb the airship's chain, this time with success.  After defeating Pom Pom, Lemmy is released, but Boom Boom takes him to his fortress in World 3, Skeleton Desert.  The trio give chase to this foul creature.

Chapter Three: Desert DepthsEdit

The trio jumps off of the airship and they plunge into the desert, and chase Boom Boom to his fortress, but lose him shortly afterwards.  Iggy and Wendy blame Larry because he slipped on a banana peel and failed to get back up to continue chasing.  They waddle throughout the desert and eventually reach the fortress.

After battling Boom-Boom, the monster uses the last of his strength to toss Lemmy into the pyramid of Ancient Goomboss.  The trio change their direction and go after the pyramid, this time keeping all of their focus on the road to avoid more slips and accidents.

They reach the pyramid not very long afterwards.  Iggy notes how dangerous it will be, and he says that extreme caution is needed to pass through the pyramid.  After reaching the very end, they find an ancient tomb for Goomboss, and find Lemmy dangling from the ceiling.  Goomboss awakes when Wendy tries to untie Lemmy, and the trio battle the ancient beast.  After a harsh battle, they manage to rescue Lemmy.  Now they set off for the Bob-omb Summit.

Chapter Four: A Tough ClimbEdit

After escaping the pyramid, the four look at the high summit and shiver.  Up there, it was cold and nasty, and Bob-ombs were flying everywhere.  A bob-omb buddy fell into Lemmy's hands, and Lemmy tossed it to Iggy, who was struggling to let go.  It convinces them that it is but a mere Bob-omb buddy and it cannot harm them.   Relieved, the four question it how to go up the mountain.  It replies by pointing its fuse towards the road upward.

Midway through the mountain, the four find a factory.  They notice that the top of the factory connects to the rest of the road, and they know that the only way to continue is to burst through the factory.  Larry charges in and is squished flat by the ceiling, and the others (slowly) follow him, but without getting crushed.  After defeating Reznor, the cage containing Morton is carried away by Kamek, who is cackling evilly.  The four continue to go up the mountain.

At the very top, none other than King Bob-omb is waiting.  He instantly attacks the children, but the Koopalings prevail by tossing bombs back at him.  After the battle, an airship arrived containing General Scotch.  The Koopalings board the airship and battle the general, and win.  However, an oversized King Whomp attacks the airship, and everyone was screaming and running besides the defeated general.  However, Iggy gains an epiphany, and with large concentration on his friends, Iggy grows to incredible sizes and hops off of the airship.  Iggy then battles King Whomp and prevails over him, and shrinks back to normal size.  The four hop off of the airship and enter a strange portal...where does it lead?

Chapter Five: The Future of the Mushroom KingdomEdit

After taking on three enemies in a row, the four children find themselves in the future of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Indeed, it looked very different, as there are cars, floating buildings, and a high-tech castle in the distance.  Iggy was the one wondering the most about it as the technology seemed better than his own.  Larry then says for everyone to stop staring into space and get moving.

They eventually find a very large hallway with many traps, and at the end was a fancily-dressed Boom Boom.  After a weird battle, the four move on and move across the tops of buildings.

At the end of the kingdom they found the high-tech castle - flying in the sky.  After going through a maze of doors and rooms, they find Yoshi.  The Yoshi hops into a giant, robotic Yoshi, and tries to kill the children.  Despite successes in the past, Yoshi loses and flees the exploding castle.  The Koopalings would have died if it weren't for a portal in the castle.  When the Koopalings landed in a cave in present time, they heard a big boom from where they just were.  Scared, the Koopalings go on in the cave...

Chapter Six: The Twisted SubterraneEdit

The Koopalings continue their journey inside the long, twisted caves.  Iggy finds a mine cart and rides it with Lemmy, and the two disappear into the darkness.  Larry and Wendy hold hands (Larry: EW!) and race down the tracks to find Iggy and Lemmy.  After a small game of hide and seek, the four press on into the caves.

After battling a Reznor that didn't know where it was, the Koopalings continued moving, dodging falling rocks and dangerous, small dragons.  They had the feeling that Morton was in this game, as they can smell his breath.  He's breathing.

They eventually find Morton inside a castle that was painted green.  As the Koopalings found no boss to fight, they left the castle - only to be attacked by a savage Green Shy Guy!  After the rather epic battle, the Koopalings found an airship floating inside the cave, trying to bust out.  The Koopalings burst through the ship and defeat Pom Pom.  They find that the cave that they were inside in led to a large maze of clouds.  Worried, everyone presses on into the clouds.

Chapter Seven: The Perilous CloudsEdit


Controls Game
Control Function In-Game
Left Analog Stick Move Around
Right Analog Stick Camera Control
A Jump
B Hold to run
Y Use item; Jump
X Use Special Ability
L Summon Minion

On Ground, While Running: Run in Shell

In Air: Ground Pound

+ Pause
- Course Progress Menu
D-Pad Move Around
Touch Screen Draw Circles around certain enemies and they can go away.

Modes Edit


All stats of a character add up to 12.


Character Stats Minion Unique Ability Special Skill Advantage


Monty Mole Fire Breath Blue Tornado

Better chances of getting rare items.



Chain Chomp Wall/Ceiling Climb Magic Blast Walking on walls and ceilings.


Cheep Cheep Ghost Shield Speed Girl Controlling speed on all surfaces.


Character Stats Minion Unique Ability Special Skill Advantage Unlocked by:


Koopa Super Bounce Ball Rampage Throwing bombs. Clear World 3


Thwomp Body Slam Super Morton Swinging his large hammer. Clear World 6


Sparky Bully Ram Quake Jump Firing bullet bills. Clear World 9


Bob-omb Bob-omb Toss Jr. Clown Car Invisibility. Beat the game.


Boo Flutter Jump Robot Army Magical blue shield. Clear World 12


Pom-Pom Spike Defense Wings Hitting a boss with extra power (removing two hearts instead of one). Collect all Dragon Coins


Toad Spin Attack Dark Void Double jump. Find all secret exits.


Paratroopa Lawnmower Ram Clone Summon Summoning a brick. Beat all of the game's secret levels.



Metal Luigi Metal Ball Super Metal Mario Have land effect in water. This guy is downloadable.

Worlds Edit

Here is the table of stages.

Multiplayer Mode Edit

You can now add up to 5 people and you can now do a 5 player mode called Party Mode!

You can get extra stages just for Party Mode that are unique and fun! In party mode you can play as Bowser if you have the gamepad. Bowser can can do everything he has done before but he can also turn into the famous Giga Bowser which is very useful in the game.

Controls (OF BOWSER)

Button What it does
Left Anolog stick Move Around
Right Anolog Stick Angle Camera
A Double Jump
B Hold to do a Mega Sprint

Hold Things

X Turn Into Giga Bowser
L Summon Kamek
R Super Pound
+ Pause
- Level Status
D-Pad Change characters

Items Edit

Item Picture Description
Fire Flower 60px If you touch this the Koopalings will spit fire out of their mouths.  The powers will go away upon being touched by an enemy.
Bowser's Car 60px In single player, it will appear in a secret garage in some stages.  It can be drived on any kind of slope, and it can destroy any enemy it touches.  In multiplayer mode it can be used to harm the other players.
Clown Car 60px The Clown Car can be used to get around the world map, and in gameplay it can be used to fly around the area and you can fire bullet bills with it.
Shadow Mario's Brush 20px This allows you to paint up hidden items.  Also, you can force enemies to work for you with this.
Scepter 60px The scepter is the way to use magic.  It'll be helpful in many sticky situations!
Dragon Coin 60px There is one hidden in every level.  If you collect all of them, you get an extra life, similar to their effect in Super Mario World.

Shop Edit

Item Description Price
Poison Mushroom Grants you an extra heart. 10 Coins
Spiked Coin This will not harm you, instead it harms enemies. You can pick it up and toss it. 20 Coins
Shell Stool You can pick this up and throw it.  You can stand on it and jump from it to reach otherwise unaccessable areas. 20 Coins
Fire Flower You can breathe fireballs from your mouth.  Upon contact with an enemy, you lose the ability. 30 Coins
Poison Mushroom Upon touching this you run twice as fast as usual for 15 seconds. 30 Coins
Rotten Mushroom Restores all health. 50 Coins
Banana If you use this, DK will appear and assist you until hit by an enemy.  He can jump on enemies and break apart obstacles. 50 Coins
Ztarman Gives you invincibility for a full minute, compared to the usual 30 seconds. 100 Coins
Gold Scepter Usable for 30 seconds, any enemy that gets hit by the magic of this turns into gold.  If the golden enemy is collected, the amount of coins retrieved depends on the size of the enemy. 100 Coins
Klown Kar This thing can fire bullet bills and allow you to fly.  If you reach a certain area, it will pack away and when you reach an area where you can use it, it will pop out again. 150 Coins

Bosses Edit

Boss Picture Boss Type Worlds Fought In
Boom Boom Mid-Boss 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13
Reznor Mid-Boss 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14
Pom Pom Mid-Boss/Airship Boss 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13
Big Bully Mid-Boss 10, 12, 14
General Scotch Airship Boss 4, 8, 12, 15
King Monty Boss 1
Cheepskipper Boss 2
Goomboss Boss 3
King Bob-omb Boss 4
King Whomp Giant Boss 4
Robo Yoshi Boss 5
Shy Guy the Green Boss 6
Giga Lakitu Boss 7
Bouldergeist Giant Boss 7
Cosmic Mario Boss 8, 14
Petey Piranha Boss 9
King Boo Boss 10
Metal Roy Boss 11
Gooper Blooper Boss 12
Mecha-Bowser Giant Boss 12
Kamek Boss 13
Popple Mid-Boss 15
King Nabbit Boss 15, 16
Smithy Giant Boss 15
Mega King Nabbit Giant Boss 16

Minigame Areas Edit

Other Characters Edit

Character Seen Purpose Picture
Bingo Boo Bingo Boo's Mansion A character that hosts the minigame "BINGO"
Yacker First Level Teaches you how to play the game
Baby Bowser Inside Mushroom Houses Manages game's shops
Wario Inside caves If you beat him at once of his minigames, you get a random prize
Waluigi Inside castles He hides in the castles in very difficult to reach places. He will take out three cups. Under two a mushroom will reside and under one a 3-Up moon will reside. He will mix around the cups really well. Pick a cup and the prize inside is yours. Waluigi will then disappear.</span>
Luma Inside item boxes He'll follow the player around and defeat enemies (not bosses) and then leave at the level's end.


The following are tunes of the game!  SRP = Spyro Replacement Pack
Tune Original Game/Remixer Area it Plays In
Dark Land Map Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES Title
Gimme Shelter Sonic Battle Main Menu
Map - Game Complete Yoshi's Island DS Overworld Map
SMB3 Overworld 1 SilentZorah Grassland Levels
SMB3 Underworld SilentZorah Underground Levels
VS Ripto Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Underground Levels (SRP)
SMB Underwater SilentZorah Underwater Levels
SMB2 Overworld SilentZorah Athletic Levels
Grand Metropolis Sonic Heroes City Levels
SMB3 Fortress SilentZorah Fortress Levels
SMW Castle severedsamurai Castle Levels
Asteroid Coaster Boss Sonic Colors Airship Chase
VS Buzz Spyro: Year of the Dragon Airship Chase (SRP)
SMB3 Airship Marioman574 Airship Levels
Reznor Battle New Super Mario Bros 2 Fortress Boss
Boss Battle Spyro Orange Fortress Boss (SRP)
The Strongest Warrior in Dream Land Kirby's Return to Dream Land World Boss
What I'm Made of Sonic Heroes Fandro & Nerdude Boss
Crush Battle Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Fandro & Nerdude Boss (SRP)
Antasma Battle Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Cosmic Mario Boss
Size Up your Enemy Mario & Luigi: Dream Team VS Giant Boss
VS Scorch Spyro: Year of the Dragon VS Giant Boss (SRP)
SMRPG Smithy Phase 1 Fandro Smithy Boss
SMB3 Bowser Battle SilentZorah King Nabbit Battle
Invincible Sonic Heroes Invincibility

Gallery Edit


  • The game is a sequel to Koopalings: Chaotic Adventure, which is strange considering the fact that game was made for the Nintendo DS, and this game was made for the Wii U.
  • A lot of normal enemies from the Mario series battle the Koopalings, but that is because they have been brainwashed by King Nabbit to do his bidding.
  • The Game was originally going to be on the 3DS and would be titled Koopalings: Another Chaotic Adventure.
  • There are 10 Koopalings: Chaotic Adventure easter eggs in Koopalings Universe.
  • Originally there were going to be music tracks from Spyro: Year of the Dragon, but were replaced in favor of Sonic the Hedgehog music.