The Episode GuideEdit

Here are the episodes of Koopalings LIVE.  Feel free to make transcripts of these episodes.

Season OneEdit

Season One has Fawful for the main antagonist.  There are 20 episodes in Season One.

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Summary Protagonist(s) Antagonist(s)
1 New Beginnings 3/15/15 Fawful creates a new plan to rule the world! None Fawful
2 The Kidnappers 3/22/15 Larry and Iggy try to kidnap the princess. Larry, Iggy Mario, Luigi
3 The Other Bully 3/29/15 Ludwig and Roy meet Midbus, soon to be a large enemy. Ludwig, Roy Midbus
4 School Jerk 4/05/15 Iggy and Lemmy are being threatened by Roy in school. Iggy, Lemmy Roy
5 The First Attempt 4/12/15 Fawful tries to awaken the Dark Star, although his plans are thwarted. Iggy, Lemmy Fawful
6 Explosive Party 4/19/15 Larry and Morton have a blast with explosives, although things are getting quite messy in it. Larry, Morton None
7 Disobey the Television! 4/26/15 Morton gets addicted to an evil tv and Larry must destroy it. Morton, Larry An Evil TV
8 Tea Party 5/03/15 Wendy has a tea party with Larry, Iggy, and Lemmy only for Roy to make things difficult. Wendy, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy Roy
9 Protect the Kidnapped 5/10/15 Ludwig is ordered to guard the princess from the Mario Bros. Ludwig Mario, Luigi
10 The Second Attempt 5/17/15 Fawful tries to carry his plan out again, although he fails again. Ludwig, Roy Fawful, Midbus
11 Murderous Maths 5/24/15 Larry is struggling with his math homework. Larry, Princess Peach None
12 Fishy Fishing Trips 5/31/15 Ludwig is fishing, yet fishy things happen as he does. Ludwig Cheep-Skipper
13 Money 6/07/15 Bowser Jr. gains obsession about money. Bowser Jr. None
14 Height Fright 6/14/15 Morton is nervous about being high in the clouds, and Roy is going to push him off! Morton Roy
15 The Third Attempt 6/21/15 Fawful tries to awaken the Dark Star, but Larry and Morton screw him over. Larry, Morton Fawful, Midbus
16 Nailing It! 6/28/15 Roy is ordered to nail the Mario Bros. Roy Mario, Luigi
17 Ah, Dang Nabbit! 7/05/15 A Nabbit steals Wendy's purse!  Can Wendy retrieve it? Wendy Nabbit
18 Tag and You're DEAD. 7/12/15 Roy challenges Ludwig to a game of tag, and if Ludwig loses, he's toast. Ludwig Roy
19 The Great Thief Popple 7/19/15 Popple has kidnapped Morton!  Only Boom-Boom can save him! Boom-Boom Popple, Rookie
20 A Fight to Remember 7/26/15 Bowser Jr. must beat up Roy before he beats up anyone else. Bowser Jr. Roy
Movie Dark Battles 8/26/15 Fawful's plan is gonna get carried out! All Koopalings, Bowser, Boom-Boom Fawful, Dark Star, Midbus

Season TwoEdit

Season Two has the Smithy Gang as the main antagonist.  There are 20 episodes, much like the first season.

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Summary Protagonist(s) Antagonist(s)
1 The Return of the Smithy Gang 10/04/15 The Smithy Gang return!  Will they succeed this season? None Smithy Gang
2 Blasting Away the Wall 10/11/15 After the Whomp King crushes Iggy and Lemmy, Iggy and Lemmy try to literally blast away that wall - but will Roy and the Whomp King stop them? Iggy, Lemmy Roy, Whomp King
3 Here's Some Weapons! 10/18/15 Mack invades the castle and Larry must save all that is glory. Larry Mack
4 Headache for Ludwig 10/25/15 Ludwig has a large headache and Wendy must heal him before there's an accident. Wendy None
5 The Halloween Sneak 10/31/15 Morton tries to nab the Princess on Halloween, but will he succeed? Morton Mario, Luigi
6 Monster in the Night 11/08/15 A "monster" tries to eat Bowser Jr.  But will that manage to happen? Bowser Jr. Roy
7 A WaStory 11/15/15 Roy's gold is stolen by the Wario Bros.!  Can he get it back? Roy Wario, Waluigi
8 NYA!  NYA! 11/22/15 A flying army of arrows slashes through the sky, and Iggy & Lemmy must defeat the bow threat and save the castle. Iggy, Lemmy Bowyer
9 Scare Contest 11/29/15 Roy and King Boo try to scare each other out of ruling their land. Roy King Boo
10 Race Against the Clock 12/06/15 Ludwig is running late for Koopa School!  Can he pass the obstacles and get to school on time? Ludwig None
11 King Boo Strikes Back 12/13/15 King Boo challenges Roy to a duel.  Will that jerk win? Roy King Boo
12 The New Guest 12/20/15 A "New guest" arrives and tries to look nice.  But who is he really?  And he plans on bullying Iggy and Lemmy. Iggy, Lemmy Roy
13 The Perfect Disguise 12/27/15 Five mysterious toads try to persuade Ludwig into selling the castle! Ludwig Yaridovich
14 Purple Fears 1/03/16 Bogmire returns from the dead and attempts to kill Iggy and Lemmy.  Can these two overthrow the ghost? Iggy, Lemmy Bogmire
15 Computer Addiction 1/10/16 Iggy gets his very first computer ever, but he has to learn to stop cyberbullying - Especially Roy's. Iggy Roy
16 Kamek Day 1/17/16 Kamek was enjoying his day until he saw Mario & Luigi pranking him.  Can the old geyser prank them back? Kamek Mario, Luigi
17 Cuz I'm a Jerk 1/24/16 Roy's being a jerk...AGAIN!  Will the combined effort of Iggy, Lemmy, and Bowser Jr. stop him? Iggy, Lemmy, Bowser Jr. Roy
18 The Axem Rangers! 1/31/16 The Axem Rangers try to take over the castle, and only a team of five can take them down. Morton, Wendy, Roy, Bowser Jr., Boom-Boom Axem Rangers
19 Problems in School 2/07/16 Morton is suffering bad grades in school.  Will Peach help him get back on track? Morton, Princess Peach None
20 My Very Special Valentine 2/14/16 It's Valentine's Day!  Will Ludwig find the love he has never shown? Ludwig None
Movie The Battle of Weapons 3/14/16 The Smithy Gang prepare to take over Dark Land!  Will that happen? Koopalings, Bowser, Boom-Boom, Kamek Smithy Gang

Season ThreeEdit

Season Three introduces General Scotch on the big screen, and he is the antagonist.  Did I mention that the events of Koopalings Universe take place before this season and after season two?  This also the last season before the two-season spanning "Galaxy Era".  Wendy has a somewhat major role in this season.

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Summary Protagonist(s) Antagonist(s)
1 General's Return 4/11/16 General Scotch is planning his ultimate revenge against the Koopalings. - General Scotch
2 Diamond Crisis 4/18/16 Wendy is at the Koopa MarKet and wants to buy some diamonds, but doesn't have enough money.  She now has to find out how to make money in the store, or else go to Koopa Prison. Wendy -
3 Bully Problem 4/25/16 Koopa Kid must stand up against the bully, Roy, with many other Koopas. Koopa Kid Roy
4 The Lost Mother 5/02/16 Bowser reads a book to the children about who their mother was and where she came from.  Then he explains that she is dead. - -
5 Greed B-Gone 5/09/16 Wendy tries to improve on her attitude and she also tries to remove the amount of greed that she has. Wendy -
6 Plan "A" 5/16/16 General Scotch tries to bomb Bowser's Castle, can Ludwig stop him from it? Ludwig General Scotch
7 The Catch of Malaria 5/23/16 Roy catches the disease malaria while in Cheese Land and Morton must cure him of it before Roy dies of it. Roy, Morton Mosquitoes
8 Meeting Yoshi 5/30/16 Lemmy meets Yoshi for the first time. Lemmy, Yoshi -
9 The Missing Cake 6/06/16 It's Morton's birthday, but Mario and Luigi stole the cake!  Morton and Roy must team up and trash the bros and get that cake back. Morton, Roy Mario & Luigi
10 Stolen Property 6/13/16 Roy steals Junior's klown kar and Junior must retrieve it before Bowser knows about it. Bowser Jr. Roy
11 Boxing for Girls 6/20/16 Wendy must battle Larry at a boxing match to prove her place in the Koopa team. Wendy Larry
12 House Mess-up 6/27/16 Larry, Iggy, and Lemmy have a party when Bowser leaves the house!  Trouble is, when Larry has to clean it up in an hour, Iggy and Lemmy refuse to help him, and instead make more of a mess. Larry Iggy & Lemmy
13 Koopapendence Day 7/04/16 It is Koopapendence Day!  But will Wendy celebrate it? Wendy -
14 Thief Pairing 7/11/16 Croco and Popple team up and attempt to steal Morton's money. Morton Croco & Popple
15 Dangerous Math 7/18/16 After Iggy conks his head and forgets how to do math, Ludwig must reteach him before his intelligence is needed. Ludwig, Iggy -
16 Plan "B" 7/25/16 A long time after "A", General Scotch now tries to poison the castle, but it backfires on him. - General Scotch
17 Sleepless 7/31/16 Iggy can't sleep because of how loud Ludwig's music is.  The young scientist must find out how to stop the piano's loud (and terrible) noise. Iggy Ludwig
18 Nervousness 8/07/16 Wendy is too nervous to get onto the play.    Will she overcome her nervousness, or will she chicken out? Wendy -
19 Olympic Madness 8/14/16 The Koopalings now take part in the Olympics, and Mario & Luigi try to ruin their performance. Koopalings Mario & Luigi
20 Space Jam 8/21/16 Ludwig is in space studying the Moon when he sees the Comet Observatory passing by.  But he has no idea what's behind him when he goes over there to study that place. Ludwig ?
Movie The Rampage of General Scotch 9/21/16 General Scotch has had the last straw!  He's been throwing bombs towards Koopa Kastle and is making a huge mess!  Can the Koopalings and friends stop the madness-drived general? Koopalings, Boom Boom, Kamek, Bowser General Scotch

Season 4 - The Galaxy QuestEdit

This will become the first season to not have Roy or any other Koopaling as an antagonist.

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Summary Protagonist(s) Antagonist(s)
1 Party Crash! 10/22/16 Ludwig has reached the Comet Observatory and has prepared to do damage when the "?" attacks! Ludwig ?
2 Anti-Gravity Matters 10/31/16 Larry now gets to experience anti-gravity!  While floating around, he notices Wario stealing his treasure!  Now Larry must chase Wario down and knock the loot out of him. Larry Wario
3 Mystery of the Missing Cheese 11/06/16 After Morton loses his cheese, he begins an all-out search for it. Morton -
4 Accused! 11/13/16 Wendy is accused of stealing Morton's cheese.  Now she must go against Morton in court!  But Mario is the judge... Wendy Mario
5 Normality 11/20/16 Iggy reverts gravity to normal in all of space, causing serious issues. Iggy Luigi
6 Toothpaste 11/27/16 After Roy accidentally used Bowser's toothpaste, Roy wants more of it and wants to go as far as sneaking past the Comet Observatory to get the toothpaste. Roy Mario
7 Accused!: The Sequel 12/04/16 Now Lemmy is accused of stealing the cheese!  Now Wario is the judge, can Lemmy win against Morton? Lemmy Wario
8 Genius' Bragging Rights 12/11/16 Ludwig shows off his latest invention to everyone, making everyone angry at him.  Ludwig must learn to stop bragging or face the consequences. Ludwig -
9 Fear of the Fire 12/18/16 Larry cannot get to his room due to his fear of fire.  He has to get inside and grab his scepter before Mario comes, will he overcome his fear? Larry Mario
10 Christmas at Ground Zero 12/25/16 It's Christmas, can Roy make it with a nice attitude like everyone else? Roy -
11 New Year's Devastation 1/1/17 New Year has come!  But the mysterious figure is going to ruin it, but can the Koopalings stop him first, before the world is doomed? Koopalings  ?
12 That's... 1/8/17 Lemmy notices Luigi sneaking around Ice Land.  What is he up to, and why is "That's..." the title? Lemmy Luigi
13 Diamond Rings 1/15/17 Wendy gets attracted to the very fashionable rings available in the library.  What will Wendy do to get the rings? Wendy Wario
14 ...Mama... 1/22/17 Mama?  HA HA HA!  Iggy is wondering who his mother is, but at the end he remembers. Iggy -
15 The Found Cheese 1/29/17 Morton found his cheese!  But who took a big chunk out of it? Morton Wario
16 ...Mario to you, Ludwig! 2/05/17 That was the puzzle: That's...Mama...Mario to you Ludwig!  Ludwig has to show off against Mario for a final time for the season! Ludwig Mario
17 Party Halt 2/14/17 Koopa Kid has kept too many people up in the C.O.  What can Koopa Kid do instead?  Hmm... Koopa Kid -
18 Bowser Jr.'s Tacos 2/19/17 Bowser Jr. has to make tacos while floating in the Kitchen of the Comet Observatory, and if he doesn't pass...he'll get the "burn treatment" from...Luigi! Bowser Jr Luigi
19 Beatin' Like a Boom Boom 2/26/17 Boom Boom challenges Mario to a dance competition on his airship.  Will the overgrown Koopa win? Boom Boom Mario
20 Magic Mishaps 3/05/17 Kamek has to improve on magic or be fired.  He learns from Morton's trials on how to stop Wario from messing with everyone. Kamek Wario
Movie Prankster's Movement 4/01/17 Judgement Day has come!  The "?" revealed itself as Prankster, and it will try to rule all of the galaxies! Koopalings, Bowser, Kamek, Boom Boom Prankster

Season Five - The Koopalings Meet the World of TrophiesEdit

Episode Number Name Airdate Plot Summary Protagonist(s) Antagonist(s)
1 5/01/17
2 5/08/17
3 5/15/17
4 5/22/17
5 5/29/17
6 6/05/17
7 6/12/17
8 6/19/17
9 6/26/17
10 7/03/17
11 7/10/17
12 7/17/17
13 7/24/17
14 7/31/17
15 8/07/17
16 8/14/17
17 8/21/17
18 8/28/17
19 9/04/17
20 9/11/17
Movie 10/31/17